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Have Sex with the Troops.
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Support the troops? Prove it by sucking some wang! Hook up with available soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines in your area and have sex with them. They deserve it! Adults only. Post info about yourself and seek a servicemember to bang.

1. Name/age
2. Location
3. What needs to be done to have sex with you. Date/drive to your house/get you drunk etc
3. Email, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, etc

Troops: Post your information and picture in this livejournal and see what comes your way. Set a date up for your 2 week leave from Iraq, or just any time! Include the following -

1. Name/Branch/Sex
2. Location
3. What you are looking for. Male seeking female, female seeking male. Feel free to be gay.
4. AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, email, etc

Include a picture if you'd like.